The SLM is an additive manufacturing method that uses high power lasers to create three-dimensional physical objects by melting metal powders of FITNIK LLC


SLM technology is used to construct objects of complex geometric shapes, often with thin walls and cavities. SLM is successfully used in the aerospace industry, allowing you to create high-strength structural elements beyond the reach of geometric complexity for traditional mechanical manufacturing and processing methods (milling, cutting, etc.). The finished products are of high quality, their machining is practically not required. An additional positive effect is the saving of materials, since SLM is almost waste-free production. The possibility of combining homogeneous and porous structures in a single object is useful when creating implants - for example, acetabular cups or other orthopedic implants with a porous surface that promotes osteointegration (bone splicing)

Technological capabilities

maximum dimensions of the parts

Stainless steel, Aluminum alloys, Inconel
500 х 280 х 320 mm
10 - 30 days