Our specialists, using modern methods of topological optimization, will design a structure with minimum weight and maximum rigidity and strength.

Topological optimization is used in many industries to create lightweight, durable and reliable structures.

Optimization refers to the process of determining the best design variant by any criterion. Topological optimization is one of the types of optimization, in which various variants of the geometry of the structure are considered, which can lead to a very unusual appearance of the latter and at the same time improve its properties (reduce weight, increase rigidity, etc.).

Software for topological optimization uses the finite element method for obtaining an optimal design taking into account all the cases of loading that it must withstand during operation, as well as taking into account the type of production (3-D printing, casting, etc. ).

Using topological optimization, it is possible to obtain a part of such a complex shape that its production by traditional production methods will be impossible. Additive technologies offer unique opportunities for the production of forms of complex and extremely complex geometry, and the symbiosis of additive production with topological optimization allows realizing original solutions of designers and designers, observing the requirements of structural integrity and strength of structures.