Within the framework of the International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS-2019) "FITNIK" Ltd. organized the Forum of additive technologies (hereinafter - the Forum). The Forum discussed the issues on implementation of additive manufacturing in various industries in Russia, design of parts and products for mass additive production, standardization, and certification of additive technologies in Russia, the implementation of modern Russian material for additive manufacturing, training of young specialists and other issues. Among the participants of the Forum were representatives of the administration of the Government of Moscow Region and the city of Zhukovsky, Rostec, UAC, TsAGI, UEC, NIK, FIT AG (Germany), RUSAL, Rusatom, VIAM, Russian Helicopters, MAI, FALT-MIPT, Samara University, Siemens, Dassault Systems, MSC and others.

The forum was headlined by the leaders of the FIT Group company. FIT AG was founded by Carl Fruth in 1995 in Germany as a service bureau of Rapid Prototyping and grew up to the Additive Factory of the design and production. The factory is designed for automated mass production, where the entire process is controlled by software that IT specialists have created for FIT AG Company. The Additive manufacturing process is fully automated, which is the know-how of the company. Over 50 unique 3D-industrial printers are installed and operate at the new additive manufacturing factory in Lupburg and print on the basis of metal and plastic powders. Representatives of the company will come to share their years of experience in mass production of the additive manufacturing and promote mass production in the Russian additive industry. Stand of FITNIK Ltd. was also presented at MAKS-2019. The key exhibition piece of the stand was an additive manufactured fair grid structure of the unmanned autogyro.