FITNIK Ltd. is Russian-German Joint Venture established by leaders in the field of additive design and manufacturing, the Russian company NIK Ltd. and the German company FIT AG.

The company's goal - the implementation of a variety of additive manufacturing technologies for parts and products in various industries, as well as new approaches to design.

Our advantages in the world of additive technologies are:

    • Cutting-edge design methods;
    • Certified mass production in Germany
    • Fully integrated additive manufacturing process;
    • Quality control of additive manufactured parts;
    • Development and Implementation of new materials for additive manufacturing.

The company's strategy is to build its own automated additive manufacturing in Russia by 2022. We implement projects in various industries: automotive, aircraft equipment, machine building, MedTech and etc.
We are focused on the outcome to bring your product, concept or idea to life.
Russian company NIK Ltd. “Research and Engineering Company”.

Since its founding in 1997, NIK Ltd. (Research and Engineering Company) has been providing engineering and consulting services in the field of design, structural strength calculations, onboard equipment for planes and helicopters, aircraft ground support equipment, staff training, manufacturing of aircraft structural elements (including those made of composite materials). NIK Ltd. currently employs 500 engineers. Among the customers and partners of NIK Ltd. are such companies as Boeing Corporation, United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI), Myasishchev Design Bureau (EMZ), PC “Ilyushin”, PJSC "Tupolev", Kamov Design Bureau and others.


We are an internationally leading industry partner for the additive manufacturing of components. As a pioneer in the industry with around 25 years of experience, we know and understand your requirements and confidently and competently navigate from the idea through to the finished component. Irrespective of whether this involves a prototype, a production tool, a 3D printed spare part, or an additively manufactured mass-produced component. We make the entire value chain of 3D printing available to you, from product design through to engineering, production, and post-processing. And, if you want, we also provide individual consultation and training services on the topic of additive manufacturing. With numerous software solutions, a range of 3D printing technologies, comprehensive machinery, and 280 employees, we are the 3D printing service provider who can offer you everything you need for your 3D printed components, from a specific service through to a complete solution. And, because additive manufacturing is not the best solution in every single case, we also have numerous conventional technologies at our disposal, such as CNC milling, injection molding, vacuum casting, or elastomer manufacturing.